Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween 2012

Tintin, Captain America and Draculaura (monster high)

Here's my pumpkin without her cute fluffy tutu that I made her.
We had some nasty winds the day before and it blew out of the van.

The kids didn't get to much candy this year but they had so much fun anyway.

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Marie-Eve turned 8 on the 15th of September. She had her first sleep over party and it was Spa themed. I had so much fun painting the girls' nails and giving them a mud mask. I don't get to hang out with Marie-Eve so much and I really enjoyed myself. We can't wait until Thanksgiving so she can be baptized.
Her sleep mask cake which matched the invitations.

I forgot to get candles so she pretended to blow them out.

She got a bow and arrow from yes and she loves it.
Everyone had to try it out.

All the girls with their mud masks.

Monday, August 20, 2012


Today was the first day of school for Stephane. He started Pre-K and he was so excited. He met his teachers last week during a home visit from them and immediately loved them both. When I looked in his room this morning and told him he gets to go to school he said, "Really? YAY!!!". It's only half day but I now he's going to love it. 
Ready to go!

I told him to strike a pose and he does this. I asked him to make a funny face and he said, "No. I'm Captain America."

Ready to walk in.

Hanging his bag in his cubby.

He sat down right away and started coloring. Didn't even bother him at all that we were leaving.
So I was going to add a picture showing his smiling face when I picked him up but I had the wrong time and missed it. I had to get a call from the office saying that he was waiting for me. Luckily he didn't really notice. He was very excited when I picked him up because he had a gold sticker on his hand which means he gets to play on the iPad.


The last couple of weeks Lee has been trying to help out his friend fix his truck that broke down when he was visiting us. They finally got it up and running on Saturday and they had two extra little helpers.
They didn't really do much but watch but they loved spending time with daddy.


Last week the boys and I have been going to the pool almost everyday. This is the more than we went all summer. I wanted to go more this summer but with having Neva and then having gallbladder surgery it kinda limited my opportunities of going. But we have been making the most of the last couple of weeks that it will be open.
My fearless little boy. I have to watch him like a hawk as soon as we enter the gate so he doesn't jump in before we get his floaty on.

For the first couple of days he would only jump in at the 2ft.

Running through the splash park area with their friend Aubrey.

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Finally jumping in the deeper end and all he would do is cannon balls.
Love that kid!!

Again he's so fearless. This time with a running start.

On Saturday we went again but this time with Marie-Eve. She had been so sad all week hearing about the fun her brothers were having. Here she is protecting Stephane from the splash of the bucket.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I can't believe I have a 2nd Grader!?! Marie-Eve started school today and she was so excited!! We met with her teacher, Mrs Vaillant (which is the same one she had last year) last night and she could barely control her excitement. Mrs. Vaillant asked her if she went anywhere this summer and she said no but we had a baby and I read the first Harry Potter. I'm such a proud momma. I wanted to walk her to her class this morning but she told me that she knew where she was going and didn't need me. She's just so cute and adorable. LOVE her!! Now what are we gonna do without her here at home?

Neva is finally here!

Finally here! Neva Ethel Gilchrist June 17th 2012, 9lbs 9oz 22in 9:31pm  
Finally getting to hold here. The nurse took forever to get her to me.
The next day Grammy and Papa brought the older kids equipped with their big sister/brother kits.
Marie-Eve aka Big Sister
Stephane aka Big Brother #1
Jean-Louis aka Big Brother #2
He absolutely LOVES her. He's constantly asking where she is and how's she is doing. And he wants to hold her all the time.